Social Ventures (GSVC)

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) is a global network of volunteer judges, mentors, and student organizers providing aspiring entrepreneurs with mentoring, exposure, and funding to transform their ideas into business with positive, real-world impact.

Until this day, it has been a dream for young entrepreneurs to participate in the exciting world of venture with Goldman Sachs as mentor. The bank offers corporate and private funding with a tough profile and money part. It will fund companies ranging from non-profits to socially responsible corporations. It also helps companies raise capital by throwing parties and by making investors reps to get involved. One can get free Agency Consultants to help one raise necessary capital. It also gives you qualification for summon if you want to launch a company. The bank also matches the initial fund invested by your company. Goldman Sachs is a global leader in financial services technology, investments, and corporate finance. It is Capitalaries largest agency with $23 billion in capitalization and operates in over 60 countries. Its principal priority is to create value and employment through international capital markets. Goldman Sachs has a team of 20 exceptional advisors who help businesses and customers across the globe. The company has a deep staff of experts with a global knowledge of social business and environments. The specifics of this Global Venture Competition (GSVC) will be revealed during the second day event next week.

Empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs

The competition was organized by Global Venture Capital, a consulting firm dedicated to learning, growing and promoting global social venture (GSVC) programs. The competition had 15 winners. The winning company receives $100,000 of prize money that can be used to propel its business growth. The company has to present zero percent profit before beginning operations. By the end of five years, the company has to establish a market presence and have a sales of at least $1 million per annually to be considered for the prize money

The company will have to transfer responsibility and knowledge of social business to the winners. The responsible companies have to produce financial records and present them in the transparent manner to the global Venture Competition. The records have to demonstrate that the social responsibility aims are already achieved and how those goals can be translated into sustainable business models. The winning companies get the responsibility of implementing the businesses model in the society. The young entrepreneurs (up to age 28) who wish to register for the Global Venture Prize can apply without charge to the Goldman Sachs GrandMas Opportunities Fund. This is a client fund that is managed by Goldman Sachs in cooperation with Thrive Capital Management. It provides business opportunities for budding young entrepreneurs approximately $ timers in Goldman Sachs long-term capital. It ACitizes business owners according to their greatest commercial, financial and creative needs. The fund also provides them with professional assistance to implement their business model and business code. The fund also funds business-building reforms, global supermarkets, sustainable energy project and new product in a transparent way with a focus on social responsibility. Each entrant has to prepare three proposals stating the reasons of launching and the methods of realizing the dream. The proposal should highlight the benefits, contribution of each company to society and how they are responsible toward making a difference in their society. Take a note of each submitted proposal and start voting by you.