United Patients Alliance (UPA)

The UPAlliance (United Patients Alliance), a nonprofit organization based in the United Kingdom, has advocated equal access of all UK based patients to medically legal cannabis and all related products for many years. The nonprofit UPA has represented 1.4 million patients in the UK taking medical cannabis for diagnosed conditions.

The non-profit UPA has been supported by a volunteer team, most of whom are patients themselves, and who depend solely on donations from individuals and organizations. Despite professional plans and great project ideas for new cannabis products to benefit canabis patients, the organization struggled to meet capital needs with donations in 2020.

UPAlliance.org website

UPAlliance.com has been very active on both social media and on its webseite upalliance.org, the organization has reported and educated about cannabis manufacturers and their products, cannabis advocators and important persons as well as recent medical studies concerning positive cannabis effects for medical conditions. UPA supporters believe in the healing potential of cannabis and want to help others benefit from its positive effects.

The website has features nearly 100 CBD oil manufacturers and their products, most of which have focused the assortment on medical and cosmetics usage. For each manufacturer, the website shows a short description about the company together with an overview of the offered products, whereby all information has been factually checked several times in order to meet high quality standards. Thanks to the background information on the brands and companies, customers can make an informed decision regarding CBD product manufacturers and CBD products.

Latest projects of the United Patients Alliance (UPA)

In 2020, the UPA entered into a joint project with Drug Science, an organization responsible for drug reform, called “Project Twenty21” to scientifically recommend and market cannabis products.

Cannabis and legal framework

Although the benefits of cannabis are still part of controversial debates in many countries, there are countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. where the medical use of cannabis products is allowed after research showed how effective cannabis can be on anxiety and other problems. Cannabis products are also used for insomnia and in pain management, where the treatment is often crowned with success, which is why it is expected that the use of cannabis products will continue to grow. Nevertheless, free use is still prohibited in many countries and is immediately equated with drugs and addictive substances.